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Bibliography of Publications Relating to Amherst, NH

For researchers and genealogists, this six-page bibliography compiled by William P. Veillette will be an invaluable tool.  Intended to include all printed material relating to our town, many items are out-of-print and difficult to access.  If you're looking for a specific publication, or have information on any material we may have missed, please contact us.  We'll do our best to help.

Oral History Tape Collection

Over the years, we've accumulated quite a collection of audio interviews, primarily of long-time residents reflecting on life in "old" Amherst.  Many of these audio cassette interviews have also been transcribed.  Well worth a listen, they are available in the Archives Room at the Amherst Town Library.  Click on the link above for a complete list of the collection.

Historical Society Meeting Tapes

We have also captured on tape several of our program presentations.  They too are available in the Archives Room at the Amherst Town Library.  Click on the link above for a complete list of that collection.

Amherst Town Hall Burying Ground and Cricket Corner Cemetery and Meadow View Cemetery

Jackie Marshall has uploaded information on nearly 600 Amherst grave sites to  Each entry includes inscription details and in most cases a photo of the grave stone.

History of Cemeteries in Amherst

Katrina Holman's research includes information on the Old Burying Ground behind Town Hall, Meadowview, Chestnut Hill, Cricket Corner, Pauper, and St. Patrick's.

Amherst Congregational Church Records, Volume 1

Images of the Amherst Congregational Church records from 1741 to 1816 totaling 96 pages are available through the New Hampshire Historical Society's Web site.

New Hampshire History Network

Amherst is a participant in the New Hampshire History Network - a digital gateway that provides centralized access to New Hampshire's history and historical collections through partnerships with local historical societies and other collecting institutions.

Historical Society of Amherst's Historic Blog (2013-2015)

Find photos and descriptions of Historical Society events taking from 2013 to 2015.

Historic Records in the Amherst, NH Town Hall Vault Part 1 and Part 2

These two documents are a supplement to the Finding Aids for records at Amherst Town Hall vault, from inventory taken in 2017-2018 by archivist Cynthia Swank of North Hampton and historical researcher Katrina Holman of Amherst, under the auspices of Amherst Heritage Commission, largely funded by a grant from Bertha Rogers.

Amherst, NH Albums

A Facebook Community page maintainted by Ann Bergin with information about the history of Country Mansions, the Tree Lighting Festival and more.

Index to Amherst 1858 Town Map and Village Map

This index combines information from both 1858 maps, thus covering the whole town. Researchers Jackie Marshall and Katrina Holman have: spelled out cryptic abbreviations; identified the person's full name indicated by each house label, noting where the actual owner was different (notably women owners and heirs); recorded how much acreage they owned (from 1858 Amherst tax invoice); and added the dates of fires that subsequently destroyed some houses.

Compendium of Historic Houses & Buildings in Amherst Village

This Compendium of Historic Houses & Buildings in Amherst Village includes all 18th & 19th-century buildings in Amherst Village and some notables from 20th century -- Clark school, 2 auto service stations, Moulton's store, and former restaurant -- that were still standing as of 2003. Changes from 20th & 21st-century, such as move to another location, conversion to dwelling house, and destruction by fire, are noted through 2010. Each building is identified by tax map/lot, contemporary street address, and 1858 & 1892 map labels. The "Year Built" as well as name and occupation of first owner-occupant are based on fresh primary research of deeds, tax invoices, and other documentary evidence.

Dating Old Houses in Amherst, N.H.: TOWN (outside of Village)

History briefs of Amherst's oldest houses outside the Village (about 100 so far) with a focus on documenting earliest plausible "year built" and earliest owner-occupant. Searchable keywords identify all houses in certain categories: for example, you can search for all Taverns or Schoolhouses or Capes or 18thCentury as well as special uses such as AlmsHouse, GarrisonHouse, and Parsonage.

Milliners & Dressmakers in 19th Century Amherst

Katrina Holman's research includes shop locations and biographical sketches.

Tavern Licenses in 18th and 19th Century Amherst by Katrina Holman


County Jail at Amherst by Katrina Holman

History of the four successive buildings (1771-1864), list of jailers and prisoners, and tales of escape.

Warnings Out of Amherst (1763-1771 & 1789-1795 from State Archives) by Katrina Holman

In the 18th century New Hampshire, towns were legally obligated not to let inhabitants starve or freeze to death. It was therefore common for towns to issue  Warning Out Warrants to those who were deemed at risk of becoming a burden on the town - essentially notifying them to leave town.



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