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Digital images of photographic prints depicting home at 108 Mack Hill Road c. 1910 thru 1985. #1. circa 1910 #2. Donna Olson in front of house c. 1948. #3. Oscar Emil Olson in the late 1940s. His gardens were beautiful. He worked for Boardman Estate. #4. Oscar Emil Olson with horse "Brownie". Brownie took him to town in the wagon - he never had a car. #5. cira 1962 - after having been empty since 1955. Wood floors upstairs had buckled from leaks. #6. Frank Olson lowered the roof. Scaffolding he built is in place. 1963. #7 Frank Olson working on replacing siding. He had little help and did all the work on weekends or after work coming from Brockton, MA. #8 c. 1970s - Finally he was done. The well house was real, covering the original. Earlier they got water from a spring near the road (or when the well got too low!). #9 The Olsons lived in the house until 1985. Original porch enclosed and they loved living in that room as much as they could. #10 The house is jacked up and ready to move to what is now 8 Sprague Road. They pulled it through the field and now the back faces the road.
108 Mack Hill Road -Historical Society of Amherst's Digital Image Collection
Jacked up and ready to move
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