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Historical Society of Amherst, N.H.


We are very pleased to make our Digital Image Collection of nearly 1700 historic photos accessible and searchable through this Web site. While we're sure historians, researchers and genealogists will benefit from its availability, we're also certain that anyone with an interest in Amherst, or history in general, will find these images a delight to browse.


The Collection

Our image collection has been acquired through the generosity of many donors.  Some  have gifted actual photographs to our Society, while others have retained their originals and allowed us to digitally scan their images.  If you have any old pictures pertaining to Amherst or its citizens prior to 1976, please contact us about including them in our collection.  We will scan your photos and return them intact with archival plastic sleeves to help protect them for future generations.


Photo Information

In some cases, we may have inaccurate or inadequate information associated with our images.  If you can shed some light on any of the old photographs, please contact us.  Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Image Collection & Sales Policy

While it is our desire to make this collection as available as possible, we also want to protect the images from being reproduced or re-sold by others for profit.  We urge you to read this policy thoroughly before using any of our images for either personal use or publication.



After viewing the collection, you may wish to obtain copies of certain images for framing. While the low resolution files available on this Web site are of adequate quality for the screen, they do not generally produce crisp print images, particularly if an enlargement is desired.  Although the Historical Society does not have the resources to make printed copies, for a fee we offer high resolution digital files (available for a majority of our images) that the purchaser can use to have an image printed.  It's important to remember that these images were scanned in their original state and the Society can make no guarantee as to the quality of a particular image on paper.  Please review our Image Collection & Sales Policy for more information and then complete the Image Reproduction Order Form.


Image Publication

Any purchaser wishing to publish an image will need to complete an Application for Image Publication and pay the appropriate fee (Fee Schedule for Image Publication).


Special Thanks

The Historical Society of Amherst would like to recognize and thank Society Treasurer, Bill Veillette and Chapel Curator, Susan Fischer, for the hundreds of hours spent scanning and preserving these valuable images.  We'd also like to thank the many donors, both known and unknown, without whom this project would not have been possible.